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 * defines for interface.h

/* You may change the following defines IOT customize Xdialog... */

#define XDIALOG "Xdialog"     /* Default Xdialog window title */

#define INFO_TIME 1000        /* the number of ms an infobox should stay up*/

                        /* Names for environment variables */

/* You may change these as well IOT change the Xdialog limitations... */

#define MAX_TREE_DEPTH 24
#define MAX_LABEL_LENGTH 2048
#define MAX_ITEM_LENGTH 128

/* The following defines should be changed via the "configure" options, type:
 *    ./configure --help
 * to learn more about these options.

#ifndef FIXED_FONT
#define FIXED_FONT "-*-*-medium-r-normal-*-*-*-*-*-m-70-iso8859-1"

#define PRINTER_CMD "lpr"           /* Command to be used IOT print text */
#define PRINTER_CMD_OPTION "-P"           /* The option to specify the prt queue */
#ifndef TEMP_FILE
#define TEMP_FILE "/tmp/Xdialog.tmp"      /* Temporary file used for printing */

#ifdef HAVE_CATGETS                 /* We don't support catgets */
#error Xdialog does not get catgets support, try: ./configure --enable-nls

#ifdef ENABLE_NLS             /* NLS is supported by default */
#include <libintl.h>
#define _(s) gettext(s)
#undef _
#define _(s) s

#ifdef FRENCH                       /* french translations without NLS */
#     define OK "OK"
#     define CANCEL "Annuler"
#     define YES "Oui"
#     define NO "Non"
#     define HELP "Aide"
#     define PREVIOUS "Précédent"
#     define NEXT "Suivant"
#     define PRINT "Imprimer"
#     define ADD "Ajouter"
#     define REMOVE "Retirer"
#     define TIME_FRAME_LABEL "Heures : Minutes : Secondes"
#     define TIME_STAMP "Heure"
#     define DATE_STAMP "Date - Heure"
#     define LOG_MESSAGE "Message"
#     define HIDE_TYPING "Masquer la saisie"
#     define OK _("OK")
#     define CANCEL _("Cancel")
#     define YES _("Yes")
#     define NO _("No")
#     define HELP _("Help")
#     define PREVIOUS _("Previous")
#     define NEXT _("Next")
#     define PRINT _("Print")
#     define ADD _("Add")
#     define REMOVE _("Remove")
#     define TIME_FRAME_LABEL _("Hours : Minutes : Seconds")
#     define TIME_STAMP _("Time stamp")
#     define DATE_STAMP _("Date - Time")
#     define LOG_MESSAGE _("Log message")
#     define HIDE_TYPING _("Hide typing")

/* The following defines should not be changed. */

#define XSIZE_MULT 8
#define YSIZE_MULT 12

#define ALPHANUM_CHARS "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789"

#define FIXED_FONT_RC_STRING "style 'fixed_font' { font = \"" FIXED_FONT "\" }\nwidget '*' style 'fixed_font'"

#define ICON_AND_TEXT -1
#define ICON_ONLY 0
#define TEXT_ONLY 1

#define RADIOLIST 1
#define CHECKLIST 2

#define BEEP_BEFORE 1
#define BEEP_AFTER  2

/* Structure definitions. */

00118 typedef struct {
      gint state;
      GtkWidget *widget;
      gchar tag[MAX_ITEM_LENGTH];
      gchar name[MAX_ITEM_LENGTH];
      gchar tips[MAX_ITEM_LENGTH];
} listname;

00126 typedef struct    {
      gchar       title[MAX_TITLE_LENGTH];            /* Xdialog window title */
      gchar       backtitle[MAX_BACKTITLE_LENGTH];    /* Backtitle label */
      gchar       wmclass[MAX_WMCLASS_LENGTH];        /* Xdialog wmclass name */
      gchar       label_text[MAX_LABEL_LENGTH];       /* New label text (for infobox and gauge) */
      gchar       check_label[MAX_CHECK_LABEL_LENGTH];      /* Check button label text */
      gchar       ok_label[MAX_BUTTON_LABEL_LENGTH];  /* OK button label text */
      gchar       cancel_label[MAX_BUTTON_LABEL_LENGTH];    /* CANCEL button label text */
      gchar       default_item[MAX_ITEM_LENGTH];            /* Tag of the default item */
      gchar       separator[2];                       /* Xdialog output result separator */
      gint        xsize;                              /* Xdialog window X size */
      gint        ysize;                              /* Xdialog window Y size */
      gint        xorg;                         /* Xdialog window X origin */
      gint        yorg;                         /* Xdialog window Y origin */
      gint        list_height;                        /* Xdialog menu/list height (in lines) */
      gint        placement;                    /* Xdialog window placement method */
      gint        justify;                      /* Xdialog labels justification method */
      gint        buttons_style;                      /* Xdialog buttons style */
      gint        interval;                     /* Xdialog output result time interval */
      gint        timer;                              /* Xdialog timer routine */
      gint        passwd;                             /* Password flags for text entries */
      gint        tips;                         /* Tips flag (0 or 1) for tips in menu/list */
      gint        beep;                         /* Beep flag */
      gboolean    size_in_pixels;                     /* TRUE if xsize/ysize are in pixels */
      gboolean    set_origin;                   /* TRUE if window origin to be set */
      gboolean    new_label;                    /* TRUE if a start label delimiter received */
      gboolean    wrap;                         /* TRUE if label text is to be auto-wrapped */
      gboolean    cr_wrap;                      /* TRUE to wrap at linefeeds */
      gboolean    fixed_font;                   /* TRUE if fixed font to be used in text */
      gboolean    tags;                         /* TRUE if tags to be displayed in menu/list */
      gboolean    buttons;                      /* FALSE to prevent setting up buttons */
      gboolean    ok_button;                    /* FALSE to prevent setting up OK button in tailbox/logbox */
      gboolean    cancel_button;                      /* FALSE to prevent setting up Cancel button */
      gboolean    help;                         /* TRUE to setup the Help button */
      gboolean    default_no;                   /* When TRUE No/Cancel is the default button */
      gboolean    wizard;                             /* TRUE to setup Wizard buttons */
      gboolean    print;                              /* TRUE to setup the Print button */
      gboolean    check;                              /* TRUE to setup the check button */
      gboolean    checked;                      /* TRUE when check button is checked */
      gboolean    icon;                         /* TRUE to setup an icon */
      gboolean    no_close;                     /* TRUE to forbid Xdialog window closing */
      gboolean    editable;                     /* TRUE for an editable combobox */
      gboolean    time_stamp;                   /* TRUE for time stamps in logbox */
      gboolean    date_stamp;                   /* TRUE for date stamps in logbox */
      gboolean    reverse;                      /* TRUE for reverse order in logbox */
      gboolean    keep_colors;                        /* TRUE to remember colors in logbox */
      gboolean    ignore_eof;                   /* TRUE to ignore EOF in infobox/gauge */
      gboolean    smooth;                             /* TRUE for smooth scrolling in tail/log */
      GtkWidget * window;
      GtkBox *    vbox;
      GtkWidget * widget1;
      GtkWidget * widget2;
      GtkWidget * widget3;
      GtkWidget * widget4;
      guint       status_id;
      FILE *            output;
      FILE *            file;
      long        file_init_size;                     /* for logbox and tailbox */
      char        icon_file[MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH];
      char        rc_file[MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH];
      char        printer[MAX_PRTNAME_LENGTH];
      int         exit_code;
      listname *  array;
} Xdialog_data;

/* interface.c functions prototypes */

void get_maxsize(int *x, int *y);

void create_msgbox(gchar *optarg, gboolean yesno);

void create_infobox(gchar *optarg, gint timeout);

void create_gauge(gchar *optarg, gint percent);

void create_progress(gchar *optarg, gint leading, gint maxdots);

void create_tailbox(gchar *optarg);

void create_logbox(gchar *optarg);

void create_textbox(gchar *optarg, gboolean editable);

void create_inputbox(gchar *optarg, gchar *options[], gint entries);

void create_combobox(gchar *optarg, gchar *options[], gint list_size);

void create_rangebox(gchar *optarg, gchar *options[], gint ranges);

void create_spinbox(gchar *optarg, gchar *options[], gint spins);

void create_itemlist(gchar *optarg, gint type, gchar *options[], gint list_size);

void create_buildlist(gchar *optarg, gchar *options[], gint list_size);

void create_treeview(gchar *optarg, gchar *options[], gint list_size);

void create_menubox(gchar *optarg, gchar *options[], gint list_size);

void create_filesel(gchar *optarg, gboolean dsel_flag);

void create_calendar(gchar *optarg, gint day, gint month, gint year);

void create_timebox(gchar *optarg);

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