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Public Attributes

Xdialog_data Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

gchar backtitle [MAX_BACKTITLE_LENGTH]
gint beep
gboolean buttons
gint buttons_style
gboolean cancel_button
gchar cancel_label [MAX_BUTTON_LABEL_LENGTH]
gboolean check
gchar check_label [MAX_CHECK_LABEL_LENGTH]
gboolean checked
gboolean cr_wrap
gboolean date_stamp
gchar default_item [MAX_ITEM_LENGTH]
gboolean default_no
gboolean editable
int exit_code
FILE * file
long file_init_size
gboolean fixed_font
gboolean help
gboolean icon
char icon_file [MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH]
gboolean ignore_eof
gint interval
gint justify
gboolean keep_colors
gchar label_text [MAX_LABEL_LENGTH]
gint list_height
gboolean new_label
gboolean no_close
gboolean ok_button
gchar ok_label [MAX_BUTTON_LABEL_LENGTH]
FILE * output
gint passwd
gint placement
gboolean print
char printer [MAX_PRTNAME_LENGTH]
char rc_file [MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH]
gboolean reverse
gchar separator [2]
gboolean set_origin
gboolean size_in_pixels
gboolean smooth
guint status_id
gboolean tags
gboolean time_stamp
gint timer
gint tips
gchar title [MAX_TITLE_LENGTH]
GtkBox * vbox
GtkWidget * widget1
GtkWidget * widget2
GtkWidget * widget3
GtkWidget * widget4
GtkWidget * window
gboolean wizard
gchar wmclass [MAX_WMCLASS_LENGTH]
gboolean wrap
gint xorg
gint xsize
gint yorg
gint ysize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file interface.h.

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